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Crooked Carrot

Meet: Crooked Carrot

Ithaca, NY

We believe that great food not only tastes fantastic, but also supports personal, community, and ecological health in the bioregion in which it was produced....

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Mu Radish Kimchi

Made by Crooked Carrot

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Crooked Carrot makes a variety of foods using fresh, locally-grown produce, with an emphasis on preservation. Every country has a unique preservation method to keep food throughout the year and one of our favorites is Kimchi. This Mu Radish Kimchi is nice and chunky, perfect for snacking, but don't be afraid to use the liquid for soups or giving some roasted vegetables a pungent kick.

Comes in a 8 oz jar. 

This product requires refrigeration.

Organic Korean Daikon (Muu), Gochugaru (Hot Pepper, Sea Salt), Sea Salt, Organic Onion, Organic Garlic, Organic Baby Ginger

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