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Meet: Alma

Portland, Oregon

In 2005, Sarah started playing with chocolate recipes, creating iconic molds and hand-gilding them in edible gold leaf. She perfected these treats the...

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Filled Dark Chocolate Hearts

Made by Alma

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Aren't these just the cutest? Give your sweetheart (sorry, we had to) these decadent hearts and let them know they have yours, as well. Caramel, hazelnut praline, or passionfruit caramel wrapped in a 72% chocolate shell would make any date special, but save them for Valentine's Day and you know you'll be their hero. 


May contain traces of tree nuts, soy, dairy.

This product requires refrigeration.

FILLING FLAVORS:; Classic Caramel; Hazelnut Praline; Passionfruit Caramel; ;FILLING: Woodblack 70% Madagascar Chocolate (cocao mass, cocoa butter, sugar), OG Hazelnuts, OG Sugar, Jacobsen Sea Salt.; SHELL: OG Dominican Chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar).

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