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Zesty Z

Zesty Z

Brooklyn, New York
Alexander is the proud, Lebanese-American creator of Zesty Z™. He draws his inspiration for Zesty Z™ directly from Lebanon, a crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations located in the heart of the Mediterranean. Lebanese culture is a mosaic of flavors, sounds, smells, and tastes that has transformed over thousands of years but is still demonstrated best by its food and the hospitality of its people. Alexander was born in New York City, raised in its suburbs, and fortunate to have spent childhood summers in the bustling seacoast capital of Lebanon and its picturesque mountain villages.

Thanks to his parents, Alexander learned as a child that food is love. As he grew older and his life became more hectic, Alexander longed for the aroma of his grandmother’s and mother’s kitchens, the simple pleasure of sitting around the table with family and friends, and the taste of za’atar.

When Alexander realized that he couldn’t find this essential dip anywhere but home, he set out on a mission to make Zesty Z™ available to everybody - so you too can bring home the flavors that bring Alexander back to his mother’s table year after year.

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