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Voyage Coffee Roasters

Voyage Coffee Roasters

Voyage Coffee Roasters is a family-owned and operated micro-roaster based in Eugene, Oregon. Scott, a long-time coffee enthusiast and his daughter Jessamyn decided to turn Scott’s home roasting hobby into a business in 2012. As Roast Master, Scott has spent the last five years working hard to keep the coffee delicious and consistent. Jessamyn runs the customer service and marketing side of things and the rest of the family—Gabriel, Bethany, Ryland and Alyssa---pitch in with packaging, tasting, deliveries, sales, ideas, and anything else that needs doing!

The team at Voyage looks to provide their customers with the same flavor, freshness, and quality they enjoy in the coffee they drink at home. They work hard to sample and find the best beans and then roast them often and in small batches to ensure that they’re as fresh and tasty as possible when they arrive at your door.

They also want the farmers who grow our beans to be paid, fair, livable wages. That desire led them to work with Olam Specialty Coffee as their green coffee importer.  Olam is committed to good labor practices and fair wages, quality product, education and health programs, and reducing their environmental impact. 

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