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VitaminSea Seaweed

VitaminSea Seaweed

Buxton, Maine

Who doesn't take pleasure in the sensorial experience of the seaside? Warm sand beneath your bare feet, the rhythmic, sound of waves breaking against the shore, and the salty aromatic breezes coming in from the ocean… just walking along the beach, close to the earth and away from the technologies of modern life, can be a healing experience.

We are a small “ocean” family with 25+ years in the marine industry. We harvest all of our seaweed with our own licensed harvesters and work year round to provide you with the freshest quality products available.

All of our products are from live ocean plants from the cold pristine waters off the rocky coastline, not from seaweed that was washed up on shore, and all our products are naturally sun dried to keep all their nutrients at the highest level. We harvest, process, and package our own products!

As of August 5, 2010, we were approved as a member of the Green Business Network. To become a member, a business makes extraordinary commitments to fair treatment of their employees and workers in their supply chain, promoting healthy communities where they do business, preserving the environment, and delivering quality products to their customers.

To recognize our commitments and accomplishments as a green business, Green America has created a Green Business Seal of Approval. This seal signals that we have passed Green America's screening process and have been admitted as an approved green business. We are honored to have become a member.

VitaminSea's philosophy is to use what the earth has given us. For millions of years, plants (especially ocean plants, which are the oldest) have adapted to their surroundings. They have developed defense mechanisms, such as storing water during droughts, secreting sunscreens to protect themselves in sunny climates, or changing their colors to attract or disguise. They have evolved to withstand wind, heat, freezing, drought and floods. Until about a hundred years ago, plants were the main provider of food, shelter, medicine, and personal care for humans and animals. They are our best friends here on earth, and they continue to provide us with solutions to our everyday issues and problems. We as a company want to educate consumers on how to go back to what nature has provided, and what will be beneficial to the planet and its caretakers.

Whole Leaf Dulse Seaweed

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