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Urban Heirloom

Urban Heirloom

Manhattan, New York

Horseradish is a gnarly root vegetable. Certainly not pretty – and definitely not something that causes your mouth to water in anticipation. Carolyn Sherman has changed all that, however… with ISH Premium Horseradish.

Using her father’s secret family recipe of nearly 40 years (and his blessing, of course) and her understanding of modern day palates and cooking styles, Carolyn has turned the forgotten condiment into the main attraction on any table or in any dish. It’s the killer condiment that can be used as an ingredient or a topping.

Along with her dad’s heirloom Beet horseradish, she has developed 3 original flavors of her own – each one, more delicious than the next. ‘We take the freshest and highest-quality roots, fruits & vegetables, to create a product that’s as surprising as it is straight- forward. As healthy as it is delicious… with flavors as complex, as they are simple.’ Beet ISH, Citrus ISH, Garlic ISH and Ginger ISH.

‘I’m trying to get people to think different about horseradish – or at least about my horseradish,’ Carolyn says, with a wink. ‘I hope ISH inspires you to bring more flavor & excitement to the food in your life. To create dishes & combinations that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. As far as I’m concerned,’ Carolyn says, ‘there’s no excuse for uninspiring food!’

All natural, No preservatives, No fat, Gluten-free and Parve.

Try ISH with roasted chicken, seared salmon, grilled meats, Bloody Marys, tuna salad, vinaigrettes, sushi, cheese plates, chilled shrimp and oysters, sautéed veggies, sandwiches… and yes, even vanilla ice cream!

Beet ISH Premium Horseradish

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