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Undone Chocolate

Undone Chocolate

Washington, D.C.

Undone Chocolate is a bean to bar chocolate company based in Washington, DC. 

Cocoa beans come from from the fruit of Theobroma Cacao, meaning "food of the gods." T. cacao is a rainforest tree that can be grown sustainably in an agroforest environment. The farms we work with produce their cocoa beans using ecofriendly organic practices.

Cocoa beans are harvested from the fruit pod and fermented for up to five days, then they are dried and shipped to our kitchen.

The beans we work with are organic and farm direct. We pay $500 over market price per ton, which is more than 3x the premium paid by fair trade.

Roasting: At the kitchen we lightly roast our beans to develop the chocolaty aroma. 

Winnowing: In our next step we use a vacuum-powered winnowing machine to separate the shells (which makes a delicious tea) from the nibs (which also make great snacks).

Grinding: Nibs are ground in a granite stone grinder for up to three days. This makes the chocolate silky smooth and develops subtle fruity and nutty flavor notes. 

Aging: Liquid chocolate is poured from the stone grinders and aged for between one week and two months.

Tempering and molding: Tempering is the process of organizing the crystaline structure of the cocoa butter crystals to give chocolate its snap, shine, and silky mouthfeel.

Wrapping: Each bar is handwrapped in waxed foil to ensure freshness, then sleeved into our final packaging.

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