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The Saucey Sauce Co.

The Saucey Sauce Co.

Our Story..

The Saucey Sauce Co. is a family owned and operated company specializing in making outrageously savory, delicious, and all-natural sauces based on their mom’s tried and true recipe. Sibling founders Ken and Toan got the idea to bottle  their sauces when friends kept asking to take sauce home after dinner parties they hosted in Brooklyn, New York. Thus, The Saucey Sauce Co. was born!

Our savory sauces are made with fresh ingredients. We use premium “first press” Vietnamese fish sauce, carefully blending it with fresh and natural ingredients such as garlic, chilies, lemon, and ginger. The result are some delicious and unforgettable sauces that are great as a savory salad dressing, marinade, dipping sauce, or simply as flavorful sauce to complement any meal!

What makes Saucey Sauce Co. so Unique?

We believe food, like life, doesn’t have to be bland. 

We believe that products made with an eye to both tradition and innovation will always be in demand. 

We know that using natural ingredients and whole foods is better for us, for the earth, and for business. 

The Saucey Sauce Co. prides itself in making the very first "ready-to-eat" condiment based on the traditional Vietnamese "nuoc cham." Created from a family recipe, these unique and vibrant sauces are ready to use right out of the bottle, unlike many other seasonings. Our sauces pack a ton of flavor as a dipping sauce, marinade, or light salad dressing.

They are truly proud to be the very first company to bring all natural, gluten and fat free Vietnamese sauces and Ketjaps to chefs, restaurants, fans, and fellow foodies. 

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