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The Pistachio Factory

The Pistachio Factory

Templeton, California

Growing up on the pistachio farm, Paul Peguero (founder) got to see first hand what pistachio farming is all about and what it takes to create delicious all natural pistachios.  Not knowing as a youngster he would ever become so involved with pistachios and that he would eventually create his own business completely around this lucrative nut. After graduating college in Landscape Architecture he soon realized it wasn’t his true calling and started working in local farmers markets to sell his family pistachios. A year passed and Paul realized by talking with customers almost on a daily basis that more can be done with pistachios, and soon went to the kitchen to experiment. After another year of trial and error, our signature Pistachio Butter was born as well as The Pistachio Factory. Paul also created authentic Pistachio Gelato, Pistachio pesto, and Pistachio Milk (like almond milk).

The next step was reaching out into the retail world where it's a never- ending learning experience. Paul soon found out how difficult is to take created products and get them on the shelves in stores due to cost, certifications, shelf life, labor, and the list goes on. Fortunately the Pistachio Butter made it through all the difficulties!

The Pistachio Butter is 100% Pistachio with nothing else added (except our Roasted Sea Salted Pistachio Butter has Sea Salt). Paul wanted to keep the pistachio butter simple and wanted the natural pistachio to speak for itself. The pistachio butter is unlike other nut butters as its consistency is like melted chocolate!

Fun Facts about our Pistachio Butter!

- Each Jar contains over 350 Pistachios

- Vegan

- Gluten Free

- Peanut Free Facility

- Dairy Free

- Soy Free

- All Natural


Raw Pistachio Butter

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Roasted & Salted Pistachio Butter

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