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    The Girl & The Fig

    The Girl & The Fig

    Sonoma, California
    Over the years I have learned that it takes a dedicated core of individuals to work together to create a successful restaurant. The team must be passionate, motivated and willing to focus on what is the best interest of our guests and fellow team members while also having a genuine respect for the product.  John and I celebrated our 18 year anniversary at the girl & the fig this summer (2015). We have worked hard to create restaurants that are reminders of wonderful experiences, discoveries of new tastes and the celebrations of friends and family. Come visit us soon!

    Julie Higgins
    is the resident artist at the girl & the fig and the fig cafe & winebar.  Julie found pastels were ideally suited for exploring the color and sensual compositions of the region's rich landscape. Her connection with the earth as a life source coalesces into mellifluous women both offering and calling forth elemental forces. 

    Julie currently lives on the Mendocino coast of California where she continues to express her participation in the feast of life through images as a symbolic language.

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