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Sweet & Salzig

Sweet & Salzig

Brooklyn, New York

As a German in NYC, I was missing my grandma’s and my mom’s cakes and cookies – these traditional, artisanal, handmade, sweet and savory Kuchen  (a word that stands for all kinds of cakes, tarts and pies) prepared with natural ingredients and unconditional love.

Miles away from home, there was only one way to fill the void – bake them myself. 

As a passionate cook and pastry chef, I started working with my family recipes, modifying and modernizing them slightly to make them lighter and less sugary. Not only did I savour the cakes, but my friends left nothing but crumbs. 

Because these friends are quite demanding and would become obsessed with my cakes and cookies, I created ‘Sweet & Salzig’– to cater to their whims and to all New Yorkers craving for artisanal, organic and handmade signature cakes and cookies from The Schwabenland, my region back in Germany. Also known as  ‘Laendle’, Schwabenland has borders with Alsace/France and Switzerland. But, as I also have relatives living in Austria, I decided to cross this border as well with my baking. 

Obviously, ‘Sweet’ stands for all those sweet pies, cakes and cookies. ‘Salzig’ relates to savory cakes which are very popular in Germany, especially in the fall, along with new wine or apple cider...But it only takes one bite to crave these savory cakes throughout the year. 

All cakes and cookies are handmade, using high quality,  local organic ingredients as much as possible. 

Some specific German/Austrian ingredients are imported.

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