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Brooklyn, New York

Sweet. is a reinvention of the traditional approach to sweets. Their goal is to strike the perfect balance between nutrition and flavor. And they go to great lengths to source the finest ingredients they can find from companies that support sustainable farming practices, fair and equitable trade systems, and profit sharing/cooperative business models.

All of their sweets are handmade and exclusively contain certified organic, nutrient-dense, virgin, and certified raw ingredients. None of their products contain any processed flours, processed sugars, gluten, animal or dairy products, or genetically modified additives. They use low-temperature cooking methods to create enzyme and nutrient-rich sweets for you to enjoy in total health.

Sweet. began as a collaboration between pastry chef Jana Keith-Jennings and renowned event designer Preston Bailey. After leaving the restaurant world, Jana began working as a private raw foods chef for Preston and the two soon realized they had something in common: a love of sweets. Spurred by their shared desire to make accessible, healthy sweets for a broader audience, Sweet. was born. Soon thereafter, Jana introduced her sweets to Jacob Vainer, a local New York City business owner. Jake couldn’t believe that a cookie could taste so good and not be bad for you. He knew he had to be involved and the duo soon became a very happy and healthy trio.

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