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Simple & Crisp

Simple & Crisp

Seattle, Washington

With a love for entertaining and hosting dinner parties, Jane served her homemade fruit crisps as a unique way to pair cheese, cocktails and desserts – not only were they naturally gluten-free, antioxidant-rich and tasty, they were also beautiful. It was a hit with friends and the aha moment was born – Jane was on a journey to create elegant dried fruit! Inspired by the beauty of nature Simple & Crisp launched in Nov. 2012, their mission is to make food fun, colorful, healthy and simple.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and deliciously pleasing to the palette, these crispy fruit crackers are great on their own or the perfect pairing for any epicurean experience from savory to sweet, to cheese, chocolate, canapés, coffee to champagne — the possibilities are endless. Since they use the whole fruit these snacks have superfood benefits. Orange peel contains more than 4 times as much fiber as fruit inside 

They seek to keep our ingredients and sourcing as simple as possible by working with orchards who adhere to responsible, ethical and honest agricultural practices. They follow the growing seasons and hand select their fruit for optimal sizing, sweetness, ripeness and flavor so they don’t need to add complicated ingredients before drying. 

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