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Shotwell Candy Co.

Shotwell Candy Co.

Memphis, Tennessee
Shotwell Candy Co. began while I was trying to create a great holiday gift for friends and family in 2012. After researching various caramel-making methods and dozens of recipes, I landed on what I thought would make the best caramel that could be made (both in terms of flavor and texture). I then perfected the recipe working with different ingredient types (I tried 12 different butters alone) and cooking to different temperatures until I finally landed on what I thought was a great caramel. I launch Shotwell Candy Co. shortly thereafter out of my family's kitchen in December 2012. Since I had a day job at the time as a corporate attorney, a wife and three young children, I would wait until 8:00 pm or so to begin my nightly caramel work. As the business grew, I found myself in the kitchen from 8:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. most every night cooking, cutting, wrapping and packaging caramels. Family and friends also helped immensely when orders started coming faster than I could handle and we were known to throw "shipping parties" in order to entice friends into helping us prepare shipments. While we've since graduated to a larger, stand-alone FDA approved space, Shotwell Candy Co., simply wouldn't be where it is today without my family and friends.

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