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Shire City Herbals

Shire City Herbals

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Shire City Herbals grew out of their own self-care. Dana St. Pierre began making early versions of Fire Cider in the 90's to combat his yearly bouts of bronchitis and seasonal allergies. Through the years, Dana tinkered with his Fire Cider recipe to make it both medicinally potent and palatable, adding a few new twists to the traditional base of apple cider vinegar and honey. In 2010, Dana and his wife Amy Huebner, a holistic health coach, were invitedto sell their herbals teas, tinctures and Fire Cider at a Festival. To Amy and Dana’s great surprise, people loved their Fire Cider and they quickly sold out!

Shire City Herbal’s Fire Cider is truly a small family business; from the start-up capital that their family contributed to the homemade bottle designs, they were able to slog their way through seemingly endless paperwork, lab tests, licenses applications and bureaucracy to a finished product that was ready to sell.

Only organic, domestic produce makes Fire Cider as healthful as possible. They buy local, raw, wildflower honey directly from the beekeeper. And they are optimistically looking for a local provider (in the New England area) for the raw, organic, unpasteurized, living apple cider vinegar that is the base of Fire Cider… Drink to Your Health!

Fire Cider (Tonic)

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