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Scrumptious Pantry

Scrumptious Pantry

Chicago, Illinois

Scrumptious Pantry is a small Chicago based company with a mission – excite your palates with the authentic flavors of rare heirloom fruits and vegetables. They craft a line of condiments and preserves all showcasing varieties not grown on commercial scale.

Lee Greene, Scrumptious Pantry’s founder, was inspired to start the company while working on a biodynamic vineyard in Tuscany. She was swept away by the many hyper-local recipes, that were showcasing the difference of terroir (the taste of place, as it could be translated, because, yes, changing microclimates and soil conditions give the produce its very own flavor), and varieties that were local to one town, but not grown in the next town five miles down the road.

In 2010 Lee moved from sunny hillsides of Tuscany to the windy City of Chicago and began building the network of seed savers, family farms and foragers that cultivate and gather heirlooms varieties for Scrumptious Pantry to showcase in their products. For food that tastes the way nature intended it to taste.

Heirloom fruits and vegetables are bursting with personality – these varieties from pure seeds were enjoyed by generations of consumers for their superior flavors. With the advancement of industrial agriculture we started growing varieties for efficiencies in cultivation and for a long shelf life, fruit and veggies that could ripen on their long trek to a retail shelf – flavor was not the reason for breeding anymore. And with tasteless raw materials came the advancement of additives in food – sugar, salt, fat, flavorings – everything to make the food taste like something.

Scrumptious Pantry believes that food should taste pure and alive. So they start with great tasting heirloom varieties and develop clean recipes that ensure the authentic flavor of the heirloom is celebrated. No need for a crazy list of unpronounceable additives, because why would you mess with something that tastes great? The result are great tasting condiments and preserves that are food-friendly – they are made for food pairings and creating the Perfect Bite. Try them to give finishing touches on a simple sandwich or let the flavors inspire you to create new recipes. Do you heirloom?

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