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Sauerkraut Seth's

Sauerkraut Seth's

Hudson, New York

Since 1998, Seth Travin’s mission has been to make the best tasting fermented vegetables of the highest quality. Seth created and developed Hawthorne Valley Farm's line of lacto-fermented vegetables and krauts from 1999 until 2012. Sauerkraut Seth's Famous Sauerkraut is raw, unpasteurized and lacto-fermented. It is full of beneficial bacteria. It is also delicious. The vegetables he uses are from local farmers who use sustainable farming practices. Only vegetables and unrefined sea salt are used, no added water!

Seth is also an upright bass player, songwriter and singer  who plays with the band, the Wiyos. The life of a road musician made Seth realize that he had to have his own line of sauerkraut; hence, Sauerkraut Seth's was created.

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