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    Salt of the Earth Bakery

    Salt of the Earth Bakery

    Brooklyn, New York

    Salt of the Earth Bakery developed its line of artisanal baked goods as a way to elevate the snacking experience. In reimagining these classic treats we pair each one with a specific finishing salt, which perfectly complements and heightens its flavors. Our creations are the result of countless rounds of tastes and tests, and nothing goes into production unless it is simply the best we have ever eaten.

    In an effort to enrich the category of commercially available baked goods, Salt of the Earth Bakery is committed to creating baked goods using only natural ingredients with no artificial additives. We only put food in our food, and are firm believers that everything you eat should be worth eating. Our tag line for The Cookie, our flagship product, is “Everything a cookie always wanted to be” – and we mean it.

    To house the products, we partnered with the most innovative design and printing firms in the packaging industry. The result is an award-winning, aesthetically stunning design on sustainable material using an innovative printing technique. The mechanical design and materials – from the unique paper to the specialty vegetable-based inks – address the varying storage desires of our retail partners as well as providing the structural integrity necessary to protect the product through any form of transport.

    Our commitment to the environment drove us to partner with printing partners dedicated to recycling and maximizing eco-friendly power sources such as solar- and hydro-energy. In addition, we are proud to use 100% Fair Trade USA certified chocolate from Guittard Chocolate Company.

    From the inside out, Salt of the Earth Bakery has set out to and accomplished its goal of bringing its vision to life and delivering to market a new standard in baked goods.

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