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There are few places so steeped in culinary tradition as Mexico. With diversity that spans from the hearty stews of the north to the saucy seafood dishes of the Pacific coast, to the Caribbean influences of the Gulf, the country boasts unique flavors across the board. Regardless of region, one thing is certain: salsa (otherwise known as “sauce” in Spanish) makes up a hefty portion of the foundation anywhere you’re eating, and no one knows that better than the folks behind Salsaology. After traveling the country and logging her culinary exploration, founder Lori began to understand the kaleidoscope of salsa variations throughout the country. By treating each ingredient with ultimate care, hand toasting and grinding chiles and spices, she ensures a perfectly balanced and full-flavored salsa, no matter where the origin of inspiration.
Chile Negro & Hibiscus Artisanal Mexican Sauce
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