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Peaceful Fruits

Peaceful Fruits

Peninsula, Ohio

Peaceful Fruits was founded by Evan Delahanty in 2014. Evan fell in love with the Amazon during his time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Suriname – a small country bordering Brazil, on the coast of South America. He worked as a Community Economic Development Specialist and supported a variety of projects in the interior of the Suriname.

In Suriname, Evan learned about acai – served with cassava bread or over rice, it’s a super food that keeps you going through a hard day’s work.  And it turns out it is packed with anti-oxidants and healthy omega fatty acids!

Evan also saw how a renewable resource, like wild acai, can allow local people to access economic opportunity in a way that does not require them to sacrifice their environment or their way of life.  Wild-harvested acai gives people a way to make a living while still preserving their way of life.

Before Peaceful Fruits and Peace Corps, Evan was a management professional in Cleveland.  He soon felt the call of the wild, however, and left Ohio for the Amazon.  When he came back States-side two years later, he was determined to connect these far-flung worlds and that’s how Peaceful Fruits was born!

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