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Off The Cob

Off The Cob

Ithaca, New York

We have been growing central New York’s tastiest sweet corn since 1960 at Early Bird Farm in Ithaca NY. We hand pick each ear of corn in the summer at the peak of its ripeness. Delicious home-grown sweet corn gives our chips flavor you just won't find in any other chips!

A third generation farmer, our founder, Cameron Sheldrake’s deep love of fresh sweet corn inspired him to start Off The Cob Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips at just 22. Launched in December 2012 after Cameron won $20,000 from Babson College's business plan competition, Off The Cob then went on to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter and launch in 20 Whole Foods in the New England area. In June 2014, Off The Cob launched a new packaging and has begun to find even more success. In August 2014, Off The Cob was introduced to 4 Wegman’s in Upstate New York where the chips are doing incredibly well.

Off The Cob is dedicated to supporting small sweet corn farmers and to bringing you the freshest and sweetest corn chips!

Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips

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