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NY Shuk

NY Shuk

Brooklyn, New York

We are an artisanal food company representing a new generation of Middle Eastern flavors. Focusing on Sephardic and Middle Eastern Jewish cuisines. Our goal is to blend our multicultural backgrounds and culinary expertise to create your Middle Eastern pantry staples. This is our way to give YOU the tools to create these authentic flavors in your own home. 

Part of our line of handcrafted pantry staples includes Harissa; a thick, vibrantly red, and lusciously textured, piquant chile paste.
Our Harissa is bound to family tradition;
the recipe is inspired by Ron’s mother Linor, who was similarly taught how to make it by her mother after their family immigrated from Morocco to Israel.

But even more than heritage, what really sets our Harissa apart is its pure flavor and composition. We never allow unnecessary ingredients like red bell peppers or tomatoes to bulk up the mixture. And we carefully source every ingredient that ends up in our jars, from the sundried chiles, white wine vinegar, and oil, to the toasted spices, and garlic. Most importantly, we work in small batches, producing no more than 100 jars of Harissa at a time to ensure consistent and delicious quality in every spoonful.


Harissa is a remarkably versatile condiment that can spice up anything from lamb kebabs to fried eggs. Growing up, Ron’s family used it all the time – as a dipping sauce for fried fish, in traditional mashed potato and ground beef dumplings called popletas, in Moroccan carrot salads and fresh tomato salads, and to flavor chickpea dishes.

At home, try stirring a spoonful of NYSHUK harissa into soup for an extra kick of heat, or dilute it with oil to create a fragrant dipping sauce for bread or pita. Drizzle a little over hummus, grain salads, or roasted root vegetables; add it to marinades for chicken, beef, fish, or tofu; slather it on sandwiches, or dollop some onto a burger for an unforgettable twist. 

Harissa with Preserved Lemon

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Signature Harissa
Signature Harissa

NY Shuk

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