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Northshire Farm

Northshire Farm

Winfield, New York

Northshire Farm is a family run farm that was established in 1989 by James Grillo. They have 125 acres in West Winfield, New York and our primary focus is vegetable farming without chemicals (sprays or fertilizers). They farm about 10 acres for vegetables and the rest of the property is woods and wildflowers.  

About 8 years ago They began keeping bees as a way to pollinate their crops.  Once they realized how unique and delicious our raw honey was we began selling it at Union Square Greenmarket. The bees roam their entire property to find whatever flower they like which produces the exceptional flavor.

Because their honey is raw, never heated, it has a naturally creamy consistency. It has never been treated or manipulated to achieve this consistency, it happens naturally. Raw honey should be stored at room temperature, depending on when you purchased the honey, it may turn lighter and more creamy, however honey never spoils. 

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