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    Morning Dove Brittle

    Morning Dove Brittle

    Brooklyn, New York

    Morning Dove Brittle is a Brooklyn, NY based company offering an array of all natural brittle. Caren Rothman, founder and trained pastry chef, creates a present day take on the comforting classic by adding a savory twist.

    Our brittle is handmade in small batches, using the highest quality ingredients (no corn syrup, dyes, or artificial flavors), and is gluten and dairy free.

    Unlike traditional brittle, which is just poured out and left to cool into a thick mass, we wait until just the right temperature and then hand stretch it into a lighter, thinner layer.

    The final product is a brittle that is caramelized to deep perfection with a sweet, salty, smooth, and buttery crunch, and is easy on the teeth!

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