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Mana In Our Foods

Mana In Our Foods

Athens, Georgia

For some reason, even though my amazing Mom raised chickens, and milked a cow, and cultivated a garden, I forgot all that awesomeness when I "grew up." It wasn't until I had my first child, that I started thinking about what was going into our bodies - I started reading the labels on baby food jars, and that was enough to get me back into the kitchen again.

With my Wild Man farming and bringing home bushels of eggplants (what do you do with a bushel of eggplants??), and a sister on another continent about to have a baby (how do you deliver dinners across an ocean?), and three crazy hooligans that needed regular, healthy meals, Mana In Our Foods meal kits were created. I needed a basic blank slate for when I was feeling creative, and a fully put-together meal that I could just throw veggies at (eggplant anyone?) when I was in a hurry. I pulled my Dad out of retirement to run this business with me, and we were off!

I believe that eating and cooking are expressions of our familial relationships: both are best when inspired by and shared with our families. Mana In Our Foods produces locally made, mostly vegan and occasionally gluten-free whole food products from organic ingredients for you and your family to concoct together. Along with a compliment of vegetables or fruit, ideally purchased from a local farm, CSA, or grown in your own backyard, our meals offer a complete protein and a complete meal. They promote health and nutrition for the eater and her environment. Mana In Our Foods' meals reduce waste of food, energy, time, money, and environmental resources. We appreciate resourcefulness and encourage re-use. Our personal essence or spirit –what we Hawaiians call "mana"– is an integral part of how we grow, make, cook, and eat our food. This individual spirit is a whimsical and vital component to good cooking and good eating.

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