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Liddabit Sweets

Liddabit Sweets

Brooklyn, New York

Liddabit Sweets was co-founded by two friends, Jen and Liz, in 2009 when they realized that they shared a passion for sustainably produced, fresh, superior-quality ingredients and sweets. After gaining a vendor slot at the famed Brooklyn Flea Market and garnering some early publicity, Liz and Jen are humbled and thrilled to be lucky enough to spend their time sharing their love of sweets with their unbelievably awesome customers.  Liz also spent 2 years writing for the James Beard Award-winning blog Serious Eats; and she and Jen co-authored The Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook (Workman, 2012), a 2013 IACP Cookbook Award finalist. Liz and Jen were also co-honorees of ICC’s first-ever Outstanding Alumni Award for Entrepreneurship, and Liz was a Zagat “30 Under 30″ honoree for NYC Food & Drink. Both Liz and Jen live in Brooklyn, NY.

These Brooklyn gals are committed to using as many local and seasonal ingredients as possible to create fresh, delectable, responsibly made sweets for you to enjoy. Their products are delicious, unique, and made with pride. They absolutely love what they do, and believe that you can taste the difference. 


Liddabit Sweets: Small Batch Candy w/Unique, Nostalgic, Seasonal Flavors from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

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