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West Hurley, New York
Jason and Corinna Geib founded ImmuneSchein in November 2013.  Based on age old recipes sourced from generations of family recipes throughout Western Europe and international culinary diligence conducted by head Taste-Maker Corinna Geib; perfecting a palatable, dynamic and diverse food product with limitless, peripheral health benefits, was achieved the minute that the first bottle of ImmuneSchein was created.  For the first year, the company operated out of a shared commercial kitchen, and with quick growth, ImmuneSchein moved into their own commercial facility in November 2014, and opened their first retail store. The company experienced steady growth, and in December 2016 ImmuneSchein moved into their new, 6,000 sq. ft. facility, where all products are handcrafted today, and the new retail store was opened and is flourishing today with a loyal customer base.
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