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Hunny Bon

Hunny Bon

New York, New York
Kimberly is a Certified Nutritional Counselor with a deep appreciation for sweets. Her relationship with sweets started a long time ago and has only grown healthier and stronger with time. From trips with her grandpa to fill a white paper bag at the old fashioned candy shop, to a high school job at the local mall's candy store, her sweet tooth was nurtured since a young age. After moving to a beach town after college and wanting to watch her figure, Kim all of a sudden realized that her diet mattered. What? A calorie is not just a calorie? No more skipping lunch for a bag of candy. After learning about sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and was goodbye to the little bags of sweet happiness, and she cut out candy cold turkey.

Fast forward several years, a move to NYC, a nutrition certification, and an enlightenment into the cruelty and injustices in the food industry, she cringes at the thought of how she used to eat. The link between food ingredients and disease was just now too apparent, and the reality of where our food comes from and how it is made, set her out on a mission to create change. One day, Kim met an organic gummy bear who changed her world. Organic unrefined sugar, colors and flavors made from fruit, tapioca instead of gelatin, and even a of bit real Vitamin C. No way! Then came organic dark chocolate, with healthier sweeteners, coconut milk instead of dairy, and even superfood ingredients. She set out on the hunt for more and more. If only these had existed when her mom used to ship her bags of Sour Patch Kids and Twizzlers.

The years of pursuit of a healthy, conscious lifestyle, and counseling clients to do the same have definitely mellowed out her sweet tooth (no more bags of sweets in place of lunch, even if they are organic). But when Kim wants something sweet, she knows how to do it right, and she wants nothing more than to share that option with all of you.

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