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Hudson Valley Harvest

Hudson Valley Harvest

Hudson Valley, New York

Hudson Valley Harvest was created in 2011 to improve access to the bounty of the Hudson Valley. We felt that we were fortunate to live in such a fertile and productive Valley. Provided for by hardworking men and women, steeped in a proud agricultural tradition. We work with these farms to provide local, traceable, transparent food of the highest quality to the Tri-State.

First and foremost: Hudson Valley Harvest only works with farms and product from the Hudson Valley. This isn’t the easiest way to do things but we believe that it’s the right way.

These days, almost nothing in the supermarket is grown the way it was fifty years ago. Most meat comes from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), yielding heavily medicated, hormone-infused proteins that have caused serious problems for human health ( article).  CAFOs and factory farms take a heavy toll on the environment, ( and are both hazardous to farm workers and communities living downstream. Factory produce farms sell you processed flavorless vegetables that look good but are tasteless and nutritionally compromised.  CAFOs and factory vegetable producers alike, are subject to the pitfalls of food handling in an industry that cares mostly about pumping out quantity. (Click here to see the ongoing FDA food recalls list and notice the amount of contaminated produce!)

It’s important to us that people do not have to buy questionable food from across the globe. We are invested in keeping our precious resources, like the water and nutrients that belong to Hudson Valley soil within their home ecosystem, and we hope that other places will do the same.  In a small foodshed such as the one we draw from, we can be sure that our farmers are growing food that is environmentally responsible, nutrient dense, and as a result– as sweet and delicious as it can be.

In short, we provide food grown or raised the way everybody thinks food is grown or raised. Get to know the food you eat with Hudson Valley Harvest.

Their "Family of Farms"

Hudson Valley Harvest is made up of a collection of supply partners we like to call a “Family of Farms.” By bringing our partners together we can offer you the pick of the harvest from over 30 partners across the Hudson Valley. We work with family and farmer-owned operations, creating jobs and supporting local economies in our community, and offer you the best food our land and harvest have to offer. Some of the farms involved include:
  • Bradley Farm
  • Campanelli's Poultry Farm
  • The Farm at Miller's Crossing
  • Grayson Family Farm
  • Meadow View Farm
  • North Wind Farm
  • Sepascot Home Farm
  • Sir William Farm
  • Sugar Hill Farm
  • Veritas Farm
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