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Hella Bitter

Hella Bitter

Brooklyn, New York

Hella Bitter is an all-natural craft bitters company committed to being the premium alternative to mass-produced and often artificially flavored competitors. What began as a hobby in the early 2000s with roots in the Bay area, turned serious in 2011 when Hella Bitter was founded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With a modest Kicksarter fundraising campaign, pools of sweat, and a big dream, Hella Bitter went from being a weekend project, to becoming a serious business in pursuit of the delicious.

Now that Hella Bitter manufactures in East Harlem’s Hot Bread Kitchen and utilizes co-packing services at Long Island City’s Bad Ass Organic, the Brooklyn project has blossomed into a true NYC company, with a commitment to quality in all practices. Their goal is to reach the broad audience of food & cocktail lovers while maintaining the quality of their artisan craftsmanship and delivering bitter deliciousness everywhere.

Hella Bitter wants to change the way people think about their beverages. They want people to use their product to make their food and drinks a little bit bitter. Whether that’s a classic cocktail or a tasteful marinade, Hella Bitter has the potential to bring awareness to the world of bitters, and to help sophisticate the American palette.


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