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Happy Valley Meat Co.

Happy Valley Meat Co.

Brooklyn, New York
At Happy Valley Meat Company our mission is to forge a direct connection between chefs and farmers who raise their animals in a responsible and humane way. We believe a return to direct sourcing from small farming communities is the key to improving the lives of the people and animals that feed us. This belief is what our business is based on, and it’s why all of our meat comes from farmers who take their time and treat their animals right. All of our farmers must meet strict welfare standards, from birth to slaughter, in order to guarantee that our animals are treated as they should be for their entire lives. To ensure our standards get the results we want, we use species-specific, reliable, and valid outcome-indicators to evaluate our farms. By using animal-, input-, and practice-based standards that are observable and measurable we can make certain our animals are raised the right way whenever we set foot on our farms.

By the end of 2018, all of our farms and slaughter facilities will be strictly adhering to our welfare standards and, by 2021, independently certified by Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Humane, or other certification programs recognized by the ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart program. To get there, Happy Valley will work alongside our farmers using publicly published welfare guides, on-farm tools, and funding support to maintain and improve the welfare of our animals.

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