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    Happy Belly Baby

    Happy Belly Baby

    Mamaroneck, New York

    Good for Baby and the Earth

    Happy Belly Baby makes all natural, preservative-free baby food using organic ingredients that are mostly local or regionally grown. We know that building relationships with local farmers who grow our food, and supporting the work that they do, is important. It is good for the Earth and our children. The simplicity of our recipes coupled with the use of seasonal, local ingredients is a celebration of the Earth in every jar!

    Real Flavor

    Babies exposed to different foods at an early age are less likely to become picky eaters later in life. Our veggies aren't hidden under layers of fruit. We celebrate the earthiness of beets and the sweetness of carrots. And we let fruit be fruit.

    5 ingredients or less

    First time eaters will try and happily eat almost anything you serve them. While we never use sugar or salt, we season our food with herbs and spices, allowing babies to develop a keen palate for flavors at an early age.

    Locally Grown

    We care about the Earth so we support local farmers who practice sustainable agriculture to source only the best fruits and vegetables in the area. Supporting our farmers and the work that they do is good for the Earth, and our children.

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