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Glover's Pepper Sauce

Glover's Pepper Sauce

Hello, My name is Jamie Glover and anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about life.  I love great food, cooking, traveling and creating the dream. The sauces I make reflect how I live and demonstrate that it is possible to build a great condiment company.   I grew up in North Carolina and have been in Washington DC since 1984.  I have never chosen a life where I simply do what has been done before, and I won’t start now.  My sauces and my spicy vinegar are handcrafted and yummy additions to the condiment selections on any dining table.  It is my goal to change peoples’ ideas about the condiments we use.  Glover’s Pepper sauce, my original five pepper blend should be right next to the ketchup, mustard, hot sauce and steak at any restaurant.  I have never had an interest in creating Hot Sauces.  My condiments use the flavors of pickled pepper relishes as their backbone, and allow people to enjoy their food, not just light them up.

I began with a desire to make something that would pay homage to the most amazing man I know, my Grandfather Bill Glover. He taught me everything I know about working hard, being a gentleman, being honest in words and deeds, saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Most importantly he taught me that true happiness comes from being true to yourself, your friends and your family.

My pepper sauce spent its first two years of existence being given away to anyone I liked, in ever changing generations of development. I refer to each batch as the next generation and numbered them. I was constantly being told “You need to sell this stuff! It’s great.” And so I did. The first label was a gift to Grandpa, so he could know how special he is to me. You will see that below here with his flight crew, in front of their B-24J Bomber. He was the radar man and waist gunner. What a man.

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