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Together We Bake

Together We Bake

Washington, D.C.

Together We Bake and Fruitcycle are a social enterprise that makes delicious snacks that are good for you and good for our community. Their apple chips are handmade and contain only two ingredients - apples and organic cinnamon.  

 Shortly after earning her Master's degree in Food Anthropology, Elizabeth visited a local pick-your-own orchard and saw thousands of pounds of viable fruit going to waste.  Each day in the U.S. we waste enough food to fill the Rose Bowl, yet 1 in 6 Americans go hungry.  This disparity inspired her to recover the fruit before it went bad and to use it for good. In its first six months of operation, Fruitcycle has rescued more than 9,000 pounds of apples that otherwise would have gone to waste and hired three amazing women who were formerly incarcerated and/or homeless.

Together We Bake is a nonprofit job training and personal development program for women in need, centered around a baking business. Founded in 2012, TWB has graduated more than 100 women from its program and hired graduates to help run the program and production. TWB makes delectable cookies and granola to go along with their Fruitcycle apple chips and trail mix.

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