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Epic Bars

Epic Bars

Austin, Texas

Taylor and Katie had the idea to create Epic Bars after spending two weeks running and riding bicycles through the mountains of West Texas. Katie was training for the Ironman World Championship Race. Half way through the trip they were overcome with fatigue and hunger. "Neither of us could eat another sugar filled, highly processed, indigestible energy bar or gel. We craved something savory, nutrient-dense, and high in protein". 

Once back home, they made an oath to create what would evolve into the modern day EPIC bar. Over the next few months they experimented with ingredients and recipes that their bodies craved. They  took notes on which bars made their bodies feel strong and threw out all bars that weren’t good enough. They eventually settled on the perfect combination of ingredients, and created a nutrient rich, epic tasting, grass fed animal bar! 

EPIC specializes in creating nutrient-dense animal based protein products for people on the go. EPIC foods will always be humane, pasture centered, and most importantly, delicious.

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