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The origins of chimichurri’s interesting name are convoluted, mistranslated, and ultimately unknown. Regardless, Elvio’s Chimichurri has been able to find a place on pantry shelves and in purses (yup, you read that right) as a cooking staple that started in South America. Grandpa Ignacio first created the family recipe, but it’s Elvio—you guessed it, the brand’s namesake—who perfected it and brought it here to America. It wasn’t his love of food that brought him to a new country, but his love for a beautiful woman, who brought him to Los Angeles in 1974. He started his own business soon after, and the rest is chimichurri history. By using traditional Argentine spices and mixing them with only a handful of fresh ingredients, Elvio’s stays true to family recipes while inviting you to try a new twist on an old spice.

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