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    Early Bird Foods & Co.

    Early Bird Foods & Co.

    Brooklyn, New York

    Early Bird Foods & Co. dishes out wholesome old-fashioned goodness by baking their granola in tiny batches and using the three most integral ingredients at a cook’s disposal: olive oil, salt and love. Nekisia Davis is the cook! and with her Big Sky heart, fiercely urban sensibilities and countless family meals at New York’s best, she is a passionate believer in unique flavors and pure whole foods.

    Every crunchy-salty-sweet mouthful is slow roasted until it sings in perfect snacking harmony. By the handful, spoonful, or bagful, Early Bird Granola serves up a tasty & toothsome treat. Invite Early Bird to breakfast, sneak it into the movies, or take it flea-marketing on a lazy Saturday. We recommend strapping a bag to your belt for full-time snackability.

    Early Bird Granola: A Salty, Sweet Step Towards Mindful Eating from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

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