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Donovan's Cellar

Donovan's Cellar

Manhattan, New York

Donovan’s Cellar was founded in 2011 by New York City restaurant veteran, Brendan Donovan. Having worn a variety of industry hats--sommelier, barman, front-of-house manager, and chef--Donovan, who was raised in an old school Queens restaurant family, has culinary and savvy pride coursing through his veins. Donovan’s Cellar is a natural culmination of his experience, but it is by no means a conclusion. Rather, it is a new beginning.

Donovan’s Cellars is a New York based artisanal pickle and specialty foods company. They boast a combination of prized family recipes and classic French techniques. Their ingredients are all natural, organic, and locally sourced. No chemicals or additives are ever used. Vegetables are hand pressed for maximum crispness and essential flavors are coaxed from within each ingredient to dance on the palate.

Donovan Cellars - Makin' Beets! from kevin oleary on Vimeo.

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