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    City Saucery

    City Saucery

    Based in New York City, using New Jersey vine-ripened tomatoes, founders Michael, his mother, Nonna, and partner Jorge, create unique, artisanal tomato sauces reminiscent of Italy. Inspired by Nonna’s native Calabria, and following in the Mediterranean tradition, they handcraft all of their sauces in small batches. All ingredients are locally, regionally, and seasonally sourced from nearby New York City and New Jersey farms as well as from their very own organic urban garden. This traditional approach to cooking is all Nonna knows and she’ll be the first to tell you: This is the way tomato sauce should taste! All of their heavenly sauces are created without chemical additives, flavorings, or preservatives—just wholesome, sustainable ingredients. And after one taste, it’s clear: In Nonna we trust.

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