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Chi-Cho Sauce

Chi-Cho Sauce

Take three finance-slash-marketing New Yorkers (who also happen to be super-close friends) and give them a serious problem: a market full of marinades that just don’t bring the heat. Sound like the beginning of a foodie horror flick? Well, it was reality for Matt Konchan, Joe Muscente, and James Nestor, who were unsatisfied with the offerings in artisan-heavy Astoria. The business-minded trio decided to nip their dilemma in the bud and set out to make a heat-based marinade that not only looks good, but tastes supreme. Enter: Chi-Cho Sauce, a smooth and garlicky sauce that’s got a real kick to it and comes in a pretty package. It only took a few trips to the local farmer’s market to get the whole city on board, and you’re next!

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