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Charleston Gourmet Burger Co.

Charleston Gourmet Burger Co.

While searching for the perfect burger, Chevalo and Monique Wilsondebriano realized they were going about it all wrong. Rather than waiting for someone else to make it, they set out to make it themselves. While good meat is always the basis for a good burger, the right sauce can turn it into a great burger. As much as the couple loves burgers, guests at their frequent backyard parties loved the sauces they grilled them with. A few friendly nudges later, Chevalo and Monique started selling their product at local farmers markets, and the rest is hamburger history. The Wilsondebrianos may have a mouthful of a last name, but it pairs perfectly with a mouthful of a burger that’s been grilled with Charleston Gourmet Burger Co. marinade.

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