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Bunches & Bunches

Bunches & Bunches

You can have a bunch of almost anything, but if you're like Chef Tamalpais Star Roth-McCormick (or Pai for short), a bunch of love and a bunch of passion for cooking has combined into Bunches & Bunches. Pai grew up surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and continues to draw inspiration from her surroundings. Cross-country education stints at Trinity College in Connecticut to the California Culinary Academy, along with professional experience working alongside acclaimed chefs such as Traci Des Jardin, Lizzie Binder, and Douglas Keane (to name a few), would make any would-be-chef envious. Along with self-proclaimed "partner in crime" Chef Mark Slawson, who is also a California Culinary Academy grad and no slouch when it comes to cooking (let's just throw in a Vice President and James Beard Foundation, in case you were skeptical), Bunches & Bunches is Pai’s dream come true—a company born out of her passion and love for cooking and preparing delicious treats.

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