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Bulls Bay Saltworks

Bulls Bay Saltworks

McClellanville, South Carolina

As ‘beginner’ homesteaders in 2011, we had been attempting to rethink how we procure the things we need in our lives. Repurposing materials and trying to think about how things were done 200 years ago, rather than hopping in the truck and driving thirty miles to town, became habit. 

If you spend any time in the Charleston area, you will have already noticed the distinctive regional taste that we’re all about, its in the air. For us, it might have started when we first ate Bulls Bay oysters, could have been from a walk around Lighthouse Island helping the Turtle Crew one day, or maybe from just hanging around at The Battery. Somehow, the salt, our salt, your salt, Charleston salt, made an impression and we wanted more. 

One of the first experimental batches of salt was produced during a 12-hour long hog roast at our home. Lots of heat and extra room in the smoker also led to the first batch of our Smoked Sea Salt.  

As new friends stood around at the potluck, much of the talk was about the salt – well, mostly about the pork, but the salt was next best! One of our favorite moments was looking over to see one woman, with her elbows on the (then cooled) smoker, just eating pork off the bone with a bit of salt sprinkled on. That day, May 31, 2012 Bulls Bay Saltworks was born. 

We’ve have always been a great team, from working as river rafting guides in Alaska to canoeing and hiking guides in the Everglades, the adventures we’ve had together have helped establish a solid foundation of friendship, love, partnership and creativity. 

These days, you might find us playing at the beach with our dogs, sitting by a campfire plotting our next adventure or hanging out with friends at our homestead enjoying the salty air. If ya'll see us around, we'd love it if you wave and say hi! 


Rustin & Teresa Gooden

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