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Brooklyn, New York

BuckWHAT Foods creates delicious snacks, energy bars and granola using buckwheat! Although the word has “wheat” in, buckwheat is actually a gluten free seed, and insanely nutritious. BuckWHAT! 

Their products are made with only the most natural of ingredients, and with absolutely no added sweetener. All of that tasty goodness comes from nuts and fruit. They take pride in not adding any oil to their products. 

The founder, Leeann Rybakov, received her professional culinary training at The Institute of Culinary Education in Soho New York. 

“As a fitness junkie dedicated to healthful eating, I was always on the look out for a wholesome snack that would satisfy my need to munch, my sweet tooth, and provide me with nutrition. Although there are products out there that fit into that category, no matter what item I picked up, it always contained some form of added sugar and a list of ingredients that I could not pronounce. I decided to take matters into my own hands and come up with something that I can eat as a snack, as dessert, or any time I wanted a little energy boost. My Eastern European genes ultimately sent me reaching for buckwheat. Contrary to its name, this amazing seed is completely gluten free, low calorie, high in protein and fiber, and incredibly versatile. It’s amazing!!! With a few additional all-natural ingredients, my Nosh was born.”

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