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Brooklyn Brittle

Brooklyn Brittle

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Brittle is a small batch bakery in Brooklyn, NY specializing in the harmonization of old and new. All products are entirely handcrafted using old family recipes and artisanal techinques, but with an eye on innovation. The dough, made with just a few humble ingredients, embodies a back-to-basics classicism. Infused with an innovative combination of rich foods — rosemary, espresso, fresh fruit, olives, toasted nuts, parmesan, dark chocolate — it becomes Brooklyn Brittle, a uniquely crunchy snack for any occasion. Proving that old ways can be made new again!

Who we are

Joanne and Gemma grew up in the day when they carried their lunchboxes to school and had to have a buddy on the class line. Quickly they became friends, and their friendship became stronger and stronger, just as it remains today. After school, they would race home to finish their homework so they could move on to experimental baking adventures. They would tinker with their grandmothers' classic recipes and make them their own. Despite their mutual passion for baked goods, they both went on to pursue careers in finance and business where they carried out their adult lives. In 2013, they revisited their lifelong passion and founded Brooklyn Brittle.

Joanne and Gemma love food, unadulterated food. They bake with all natural ingredients, free of preservatives, artificial food colorings, and artificial flavorings. The shorter the ingredient list, the better. And consistent with their homespun values, they are family-friendly and community-cooperative. Cheese, olives, and other quality ingredients are sourced from family-run businesses like Caputo's Fine Foods and Raffetto's Pasta. All organic herbs are sourced from local Brooklyn greenmarkets. Their mission is simple: use high-quality, fresh ingredients, and bake what they would proudly serve to family and friends.

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