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    Bravado Spice Co.

    Bravado Spice Co.

    Houston, Texas

    At Bravado Spice, their mission is to craft bold, incredible hot sauces that are undeniably delicious. They focus on raw flavor instead of just heat. Their products bring something awesome to the table. From utilizing ingredients such as pineapples, blueberries & ghost peppers, Bravado's Hot Sauces are each a distinct flavor profile. 

    Houston natives James and Jeremiah have been cooking together for years. Bravado Spice came to them one day when they where grilling and making ribs. They went to the store to find a hot sauce that would bring life and flavor to their delicious ribs and were very disappointed to find all the hot sauces to be the same thing;  high in vinegar and salt. This is when the idea sprung on them to start making their own hot sauce full of flavor. Their first hot sauce was pineapple habanero. They made each bottle by hand with ingredients from local farmers markets. 

    Their Products