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Hungry Bird Eats

Hungry Bird Eats

Brooklyn, New York

I founded Hungry Bird in Brooklyn in 2016, with a mission to produce delicious and healthy snack foods for kids and adults. Taking inspiration from crispbread recipes of my native Denmark, I kept with the philosophy of using only real ingredients. The Scandinavian countries have a long relationship with crispbreads, typically made with rye flour and baked into large pieces. The bird logo was inspired by both the blackbirds that are common in Denmark, and the various healthy seeds that fill the Nordic Crisps I produce.

I began my quest for creating a better snack after learning my 1-year old son Ike was allergic to nuts and soy. I was shocked to discover that most snack foods marketed for kids are not only heavily processed (think Goldfish crackers), but also contain these allergens. I decided to make my own snacks, sharing them initially with other mothers and their kids. The kids loved them, and adults were increasingly requesting them as a healthy complement to artisanal cheese or for a post-workout snack.

The result was the launch of my first two products, Rye Nordic Crisps and Oregano Nordic Crisps (a gluten-free alternative). These addictive bite-size snacks are carefully hand-rolled and baked, lightly touched with olive oil and sea salt, and filled with superfood ingredients such as organic chia seeds, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds.  

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