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Better Off Spread

Better Off Spread

Brooklyn, New York

Better Off Spread is the brainchild of Jenny & Jonny, a couple from Brooklyn with a dream of channeling their crazy into a spreadable empire. Jenny got her start in the city over a decade ago (making peanut butter- NO JOKE) at a West Village cafe. After many (lame) years in the ad world, she's getting back to her nut-grinding roots. Jonny worked at his family's Italian food store on Long Island since he was a punk-ass teen, until moving to Brooklyn and becoming a barber. You can usually find them hanging out with their cats and listening to metal, while dreaming up new nut butter flavors.


Our spreads are always made with the best ingredients we can find. We don't add any oils, fats, preservatives or sugars to them, just natural ingredients combined to make freaking awesome flavors. All of our spreads are hand made in Brooklyn, using organic, GMO-free nuts. Many of them are vegan and gluten-free and straight up good for you.

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