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Bad Seed

Bad Seed

Brooklyn, New York
Bad Seed® is super-tiny and based in Brooklyn. We are Peter, Joe, Matt and Penny,— four people who love traveling and trying out new types of food, especially spicy food. We feel even the least adventurous eaters can grow to love heat, if they pair it with common foods and recipes they’re already familiar with. That’s where our first product, Chili Granola, comes in. It’s a condiment that’s familiar but completely unique. Chili Granola is about making food taste better through spice, not overpowering it. If you already love heat, we already like you. The best part is finding new foods to pair with Chili Granola. We don’t judge if it’s meat, veggie, vegan, freegan, paleolithic, whatever... as long as it’s good! So hit us up with your favorite pairings or just say hi.
Chili Granola

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