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Boston, Massachusetts

Apotheker's is a small, family-run business founded in Russell and Shari Boston-based kitchen.

A graphic designer by day and talented cook in his spare time, Russell knew he was destined to open a food business. When he wasn’t concocting new recipes or tending his organic garden, Russell was warning friends about the ills of high-fructose corn syrup and searching for nature’s best ingredients.

Along came Shari, a sculptor and jewelry maker who shared Russ’s vision for a homesteading lifestyle. The couple set out to slow down and simplify their lives, starting by prioritizing healthful living. They made clean eating a priority and began making more of their own goods by hand, collaborating on homemade herbal remedies, wholesome foods, teas, salves, and more.

Inspired by Shari’s craving for healthful chocolate, Russ spent months experimenting with various techniques and ingredients before creating the perfect all-natural indulgence. His dairy-free dark chocolate preserves the illusion of the not-so-good-for-you-variety with its smooth texture, familiar snap, and honey-kissed sweetness.

Russ will never forget Shari’s smile when she tasted the first batch. The couple launched Apotheker’s Kitchen; quit their day jobs; got hitched; and now wake up in the middle of the night mumbling about new ideas for Apotheker’s Kitchen.

They plan to settle down on a farm and to keep their own bees — united in the belief that life’s simple pleasures are also the sweetest.

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